We usher dignity, we revive leisure, we construct visions, we charm visitors and we build structures that exceed your expectations from the moment you enter. Acknowledged as one of the finest real estate companies in Mumbai, we at Jaycee Homes believe that Home is where the heart is and we strive in every manner to deliver more.


Jaycee Homes specializes in building luxury properties and affordable properties in Mumbai to fulfil basic needs of an individual. With over 50 years of experience, 300 fully functional projects in Mumbai and many more on its way, we are the conclusive pioneers of real estate development in Mumbai.


Mr. Purshottam Bhagtani founded Jaycee Homes in 1965 and today the third generation of his legacy, his son Mr. Lakshman Bhagtani and his two grandsons Mr. Mukesh Bhagtani and Mr. Diipesh Bhagtani are leading his vision with utmost passion and grit.


Mr. Lakshman Bhagtani


Shri. Lakshman P. Bhagtani, a mentor, a goodwill ambassador, a real estate developer and a veteran entrepreneur is an inspiring figure at Jaycee Homes. With over 37 years of experience, Mr. Lakshman Bhagtani has successfully fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration that drives his workforce. At an early age, he learned the trade, acquired skills and knowledge along with customer service ethos from his father, Shri. Purshottam Bhagtani.
Hailed as the Perfect Leader, Mr. Lakshman Bhagtani chooses to guide by setting high benchmarks and examples.

At present, he is serving the industry as a joint treasurer of Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Industry (MCHI). In addition to this, he is also an active member of the Lions Club, the Rotary Club and continues to serve the company through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that pledges to bring a positive change in our society.


Mr. Mukesh Bhagtani


He has been in the construction business for the past 15 years. Under his virtuous administration, Jaycee Homes has seen enormous expansion in every possible direction. He is responsible for the company’s Operations, Sales, Finance and Marketing. Mr. Mukesh Bhagtani’s dynamic leadership style consists of an optimal mix of macro business stratagem, management and organizational philosophy, operational implementation, transparent intents, proactive communication, and assessable outcomes.


Mr. Diipesh Bhagtani

(Executive Director)

At Jaycee Homes, Mr. Diipesh Bhagtani displays excellence and success in every role he plays. With over 14 years dedicated specifically to the construction industry, he has worked to create the best practices that maximize financial efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. At Jaycee Homes, he is in charge of Business Development, Land Acquisition and Public Relations.

Mr. Diipesh Bhagtani is the honorable National Convenor of CREDAI Youth Wing and Joint Treasurer of MCHI Mira Virar. He is also actively involved in the success of MCHI exhibitions and industry body decisions.